Oh The Tangled Web Of Deceit And Hypocrisy We Weave: The Astonishing Arrogance Of The Left

Finally and slowly, people are starting to wake up to the games progressives play.

Earlier this year I argued progressives and the DNC would overplay their hand; particularly about Russia as we finally saw today in spectacular fashion with Comey. See video below.

Now that we finally know Trump wasn't under investigation how does the left respond? By lying of course claiming they never said he was. Right. Like a bunch of teenagers pulling a tantrum, the media  knowingly lied messing with the minds of readers and then pull a 'we never did that!'

All this story is missing is calling everyone a racist for daring to challenge their lies. At some point, they're going to have to drop the act and actually, you know, debate.

I gotta tell you. I've never seen anything like it. We're watching a bunch of loons try and take down a government.

Trump wins....again.

Feigning outrage for its own sake is bound to fail. Articles like this by Charles P. Pierce in Esquire and Rosie O'Donnell offering rewards only to embarrass herself (declassified NSA documents reveal Obama spied on Americans) will turn moderate minded people off. Time to leave the White House? Based on what? Shrills and hyperbole? Treasonous behaviour by the De Blasio administration in New York City?

Did you give a shit when welfare lines doubled under Obama*, obesity rates soared because of his stupid progressive belief of that he was the most violent of Presidents through his drone program, oversaw one of the slowest growing economy in the post-war era, spied on political opponents and the American people while introducing an enormously unpopular health bill without the support of the GOP and peddled a progressive narrative that divided more than it united while he hit the talk show circuit to sell himself?

Never bloody mind of his grotesque and disrespectful underhanded undermining of Trump during his speech tour (how's that capitalism working for you, Barry?). It's been a tradition in North American (and Western) politics for the out going leader to step aside and not be heard of again out of respect for the people's choice of a new leader and reverence for the office once served. It's a form of observing dignity, etiquette and reverence for the entire political process and the office.

And then there's Obama ripping this to shred without a single thought.

That's just touching the surface.

It's absurd to focus on Trump given Obama's over-whelmingly mediocre Presidency rot with cynicism and opportunism, and scandals while trying to undermine a democratically elected official  (this can't be stressed enough) in this manner. Not say dangerous. What's astonishing is how much damage Obama did to the United States all met with the collective silence of the left.

No matter how much evidence  that has been reported and compiled about how government destroys the human spirit people want more of it. How people like Sanders (an uber-hypocrite in the usual progressive mould. Just like Obama claiming in Kansas capitalism never worked while he scores millions off the system) have any kind of staying power with such overtly anti-humanist positions rooted in socialism is beyond me to comprehend.

He not only holds ridiculous economic views, he's hostile, like all socialists are apt to be, to religion.

Give me an erudite, upstanding religious man over a socialist parasite any day.

History is filled with examples where people support government on the premise of 'it sounds like a good idea' only to be written in the books of its disastrous unintended consequences. No matter how many Venezuelas, Cubas and Soviet Unions, people will gravitate to its intoxicating drug like mindless cultists.

Part if it, no doubt, is driven for a hatred of either country or countrymen - or both. How else to explain believing degenerate ideologies that in the end hurt more than they help? I could never quite wrap my head around my progressive friends who spew such hatred for their compatriots but yet without missing a beat support misguided regulations and laws for 'the greater good' to help the very people they hate. They rationalize it along the lines of 'we need to do it so we don't sink as a civilization'.

This is how stupid our intellectualism has become.

*Here's how Trump and Obama viewed things differently.

"...Why did the food stamp program spiral out of control? The Obama administration believed that maximizing handouts would maximize prosperity: “Every $5 in new [food stamp] benefits generates as much as $9 of economic activity.”

$9 MY ASS. Arbitrary nonsense.

"...Trump budget director Mick Mulvaney declared last week: “If you are on food stamps and you are able-bodied, we need you to go to work.” 

Already there are results. 

So. To Barry, stealing from the productive classes and giving it to the able-bodied welfare bum to spend equals spurring economic activity. Whereas Mulvaney takes a much more *radical* approach of, you know, go to work and help create wealth to help grow the economy.

Which one makes more sense to you?

And just to be sure. Paying a living wage on the tax payer dime is equally faulty reasoning.


Here are some articles and clips pointing to this awakening.

"Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has appointed Adam Kissel, formerly of the Koch Foundation and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, deputy assistant secretary for higher education programs, the department confirmed Monday. Politico first reported the hiring. 

As director of the Individual Rights Defense Program and vice president of programs at FIRE, Kissel was a frequent critic of universities the group has accused of violating the free speech rights of students and faculty. He's also criticized broader "intolerance" on campuses. Kissel has also taken issue with the standard of proof used by colleges in the adjudication of recent sexual harassment and assault cases."



Which is what makes the newfound elite interest in the novel a bit rich. Since Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, sales of Nineteen Eighty-Four have soared. In a post-truth age, cultural types snort, in which slogans on buses and Trumpite alternative facts have brainwashed the unthinking masses, Orwell’s book is more relevant than ever. In this time of bullshiting politicians and gullible plebs, we need to relearn George’s tough lessons.
And yet, if there’s an Orwellian strain to political discourse today, it’s not coming from those who dared in the past 12 months to revolt against the elite. No, it’s in the branding of the democratic Brexit revolt as a ‘tyranny’. It’s in the so-called Progressive Alliance, whose intent – overturning that mandate, the biggest in British history – is anything but progressive. It’s in a Labour MP labelling May’s calling of a free and open election the work of a ‘dictator’..."


Even the NYT is getting it...well, for them anyway way.


The latest college to show case its collective psychosis on race by being, well, racist is Evergreen.

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