Swamp People Are On The Defensive

I don't know what's so complicated about what's going on with Trump.

He's 'draining the swamp.' The swamp people are lashing out with the help of the media.

He has to stay the course and seal the deal.

He's exactly what the Americans needed. A big, swift kick in the ass.

It's funny.

They call Trump a dictator, yet, the left were willing to sell their honour and dignity to Obama permitting him to rule accordingly.  How they can claim Trump is instilling a coming dictatorship without connecting its roots laid down by previous administrations including Obama, is one special partisan way to look at things.

You had people tweeting about how much they wished Obama could get a third term and that perhaps it was time to change the law because America needed him. The left's entire god damn intellectual frame work is predicated on relying on government and in consolidating as much power centralized power into one person because they understand that's it's becoming increasingly difficult to pass their lousy policies. People do actually examine the results and are demanding explanations whenever they fail.

Much easier to ignore people when you have a strongman.

And this is precisely how Obama pushed the limits of rules to govern accordingly.

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