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Been meaning to resurrect (is it still safe to use this word? You never know anymore with all the easily offended screaming screeching monkeys these days) the Fall of the West segment. I haven't been able to keep up with all the crazy stories I read. People have simply lost their minds and where they haven't they allow for ignorance to triumph over reason.

I still maintain we're wallowing in a Dark Age. Albeit it may be shallow at the moment but I fear it's about to get deeper before we're able to fish out the dead.

Here are a couple of stories that caught my eye:

Dr. Timothy J. Farnum gets to be the lead off for wanting to ban smart phones. Naturally, CNN (being the statist buffoons they are) likes the idea.

"You know, to most of the people that are saying things like, 'Well, it's a parent's right; how dare the government do this,' I would like to say, I'm not the government, I'm a parent. And us parents need to decide what is best for our kids," Farnum said. "And we can't do it alone." 

You need a village to tell your kid they don't need a Smartphone? How bad a father are you, Timmeh? 

There is no other answer but 'go fuck yourself'. How arrogant does one have to be to presume what's best for other people's children? Worse, to seek the government to enforce how people raise their own families?

How do I know he has no control?

"One of my sons, I took it away, and it was a pretty dramatic, very violent outburst," said Dr. Timothy J. Farnum, a father of five who is an anesthesiologist by training. "He was very addicted to this little machine. It kind of scared me, and that's really how it started." 
First off, his first mistake was to let his kid get addicted to it. I bet you he tried to reason with the kid and not parent him in trying to get him off it.

Also, not all kids react this way. When we took it away from our daughter she understood and went off to do other things. It's call parenting you dips hit. Just because you had a bad experience doesn't mean it's the same for others. 

In other words:  want others to pay for my lack of parenting abilities. 


England's answer to terrorism? To destroy liberty.

May doubles down on her wanting to crack down on the Internet.

I look forward to the unintended consequences of this utterly absurd plan.


Sigh. Another company decides it's a smart thing to play politics.

This time Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario (I always marvel at left-wing CEO's. The left constantly berates their salaries and how bad corporations are, yet there they are taking it in the face. Stockholm Syndrome is a helluva disease. Anyway....) promises to join the 'resistance'.

“I don’t have a lot of faith in politics and politicians right now.”

I highly doubt she was woke during Obama's reign of banal mediocrity and violence.

These people truly are dangerous in their delusions.


Not to be outdone as Europe's worst when it comes to SJW idiocy that threatens liberty, Germany looks to ban 'beautiful but dumb' ads.

Germany and England. Two adversaries acting very much in the same way. Stupidly.

Other than that, do people really want to leave gauging intelligence in the hands of Germans? How are they going to determine this anyway?


Otto Warmbier's death is being propped up as an example of 'white privilege' by straight up racist idiots.

First up, Ebony magazine (via Reason). 


I'm going to keep this for when the GOP does it to the Democrats in the future. 

So when Democrats scream about it you can show them this.


A new trend among the left is to use teens as pawns in politics.

It's interesting to note the default position for teenagers is progressivism. Hm. Immature and under developed minds attach themselves to an immature and under developed ideology.


Check Teen Vogue *educating* people on Native American culture.

Okay that's it for today.

I need a drink.

I know it's early but.../points to above links.

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