And yes, the left is definitely a bigger threat to it. I disagree with Reason magazine's recent 'they both do it' attitude since Trump's election. The vast majority of their topics and stories generally bring t light free speech issues featuring progressives. To turn around and say conservatives are just as bad (and to be clear, they don't always support free speech and Trump has most certainly said things we need to challenge if not fight but I don't recall Obama being anywhere near a friend to the 1A either while Hillary specifically made noise about wanting to limit it) is disingenuous because last I checked, it's progressives running around calling for outright limits on free speech, closing down debate on campuses, looking to criminalize climate change skepticism and so on.

We won't be able to defend free speech if we're going to cloud ourselves from who the perpetuators are.

Those being the progressive left. Identify and rectify. 

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