Liberals Continue To Underwhelm

The Liberal party of Canada continues its baffling and irrational spending spree putting Canadians in debt with no plans to pay it down.

While the media made sure to print a couple of negative articles a day or week on Harper however insignificant the issue or policy decision, the outrage machine is dormant under Trudeau.

It really doesn't take a genius to see where the mainstream press allegiance lies.

It's the same thing down in the USA. For eight years the 'critical thinking' skills of progressives and anti-war left were dormant not because Obama was pristine and brilliant but simply because it was their guy in place. He could have clubbed a baby seal on national television and they'd find a way to spin it defending him.

Harper was a dictator was the common theme, yet, Justin has proven to be equal to the task (if we apply the same standard of reasoning) while exhibiting a temperamental posture as a bonus.

The thing is, I can't find a single original idea or reason for the Liberals to spend and tax except for its own sake. The economy was strong under Harper having left a budget surplus when he left.

If there was a time to invoke the 'don't rock the boat' mantra it was during the last election. There really wasn't a rational reason other than 'it's time for a change' so let's elect this guy with no real job experience, who has a penchant to stick his foot in his mouth and who governs along a vapid of social justice ideals claiming them to form the cornerstone of what constitutes Canadian *values*.

Basically, his brand of governance and idealism is not unique but just a really generic brand of progressivism that's sweeping the modern left in North America.

To say the Liberals have been staggeringly under-whelming and embarrassing at times is an under statement.

It's been the amateur hour from the onset in Parliament under these Liberals. Saying nice things while  sending Canada into debt is about as irresponsible and contrary to Canadian conservative attitudes toward fiscal issues as one can get and points directly to Trudeau's insistence on governing along progressive ideological ideals rather than practical and logical lines. So much for the line of 'governing for all Canadians' we heard so much of under Harper. I mean, if you recall 66% of Canadians didn't vote for Harper! Nor did they for Trudeau. It's almost as if there's some double standard at play!

Harper gave Canadians exactly what they needed. A stoic, principled, and competent government.

The Liberals are governing along the lines of emotional social engineering while clinging on to economic policies past their stale date and passing it off as responsible government. 

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