Northern Europe And The EU Should Be Ashamed And Embarrassed; Italy Shows The Way

As the West looks on in horror at the faux-religious murderous rampages of a bunch of Muslim lunatics, I fear Europeans are not reacting well to it at all.

Rather than strengthening their resolve and resigning themselves to the facts of reality in their midst, they seem to be settling into a mindset of acceptance.

What they're showing terrorists is they have no pride in their people, communities and country.

Whenever I hear Angela Merkel double-down on her immigration policies and Teresa May looking to curb free speech for citizens who are not the problem, I see two weak countries with no backbones.

Worse, in the case of Merkel, she takes an aggressive posture demanding other countries follow suit.

Equally as troubling is the EU's willingness to take members to court if they don't toe the line.

Ladies and gentlemen, what your seeing is friction and we all know how friction can explode as history has taught.

And the main players in this absurdity are Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, the UK and France.  The UK in particular have the grotesque added feature of having on its once majestic resume the act of not protecting children from rapists as the scandals at Rotherham, Oxford and elsewhere have shown.

They say England hasn't been invaded since 1066. I'm beginning to wonder if that's true.

Germany in particular is playing a large part in this. Antagonizing countries over immigration while demanding repaying of debt may seem on the surface as a responsible nation simply asking for its money back is actually a country stirring up trouble at the wrong time. They say Germany is an 'intelligent' country but is it a wise one?

These two countries, along with France, have an image of being two great strong nations but in the face of terrorism they look like nothing more than weak little people bullied by an even weaker entity.

The time for discussion and moral equivalence has passed. European nations have to stand up and be accounted for by protecting its citizens lest this madness continues indefinitely.

It's not xenophobic to defend your lands. On the contrary, it's a call of duty.

One country that suffers no existential confusion or delusions of fabricated moral dilemmas on the issue of Islamic terrorism is Italy. The political correct impulse is (thankfully) muted and kept at bay in Italy. When I brought up the idea of 'moral relativism' to a friend over there, the concept was completely alien to him because Italy has not succumb to its corroded ideas.

The perception in the media of Italy is generally a negative one. They rarely ever show the positives of this country. It is neither weak nor is it a PIIG. It's a country that's once again showing its more organized neighbours on how to do things right when it comes to protecting its identity.

Italy is a fascinating country on multiple levels. A high IQ nation with a cultural patrimony that is almost unrivalled in the world. A country that has been at the forefront of civilization for centuries has seen the magnificence of mankind as well as its debauchery. It has seen all the cycles of history: Glory, wealth, empire, pestilence, famine, invasions,

America has a natural connection to England. But it's not from them they must take their cues.

It's from the Italians. And Eastern/Central Europe.

A conversation I recently had with a French-Italian national about Italy with embedded links:

"Italy is the best at fighting terrorism. They don't erect notions that confuse the task at hand. They take ISIS at face value and approach it accordingly unlike in Germany, France and England. I don't know what those countries are thinking but they have no excuse. The killers were citizens and should have been caught before the act. We all share information with each other plus all the technology available should make rounding them up easier. Italy's fight against the Mafia over the years meant they acquired knowledge and techniques used in the fight against terrorism which is why they've managed to avoid what we're seeing in the rest of Europe. Meanwhile, countries have generally been naive and short-sighted in all the data the Italians send them about the Mafia whose power extends across Europe; the world. I wonder who are the 'smart' ones here. Then there's the dicey matter of allying with the Mafia - Camorra, Cosa Nostra and 'Ndregehta. Short of it, they're killing terrorists behind the scenes and cooperating with police where necessary. They have no interest in terrorists encroaching on their territories." 

I can imagine a scenario where the police tell them to hand over suspects the mafia send body parts. When the police said why they did that they reply, 'you didn't specify dead or alive'.

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