The People Leading The Resistance

What's that saying again? Stones and glass houses or something?

The one thing that should be evident by now to any reasonable mind is all the screaming the left and DNC have been doing is nothing but a sad case of projection. That's all it is. 

The more they act with indignant smugness accusing everyone and anyone who disagrees with them as racists or misogynist or whatever, the more it makes people look at the person doing the accusing.

Here are some (sigh again) examples:

We were told there never could be evidence of DNC voter fraud. Yet....here we are.


Oh that Trump! So many investigations and so many evil ties somewhere or something! 

Macron is soooo cute! No one that cute could be crooked, right? But my mother and mother in law can't stand to look at Trump no matter what the evidence says.

I swear. Unchecked emotions can be comical if it weren't so visceral in its irrationality. 


Obviously it's because of Trump's America all the way in England.

And here with Kurt Eichenwald.

Obviously....Trump's fault.


I...words can't...hipsters in Brooklyn react to Comey.

Why do these people have time to watch this? Shouldn't they be at work?


Lesson of Evergreen? 98% admittance is probably not a good idea.

"...For starters, students at ESC don’t receive grades—they receive “narrative evaluations” that give them feedback on their performance while preserving their self-esteem. Such an approach, Evergreen says, allows professors to take stock of student performance as a whole and take students’ skills and abilities into consideration when awarding the pass and fail. (Students, by the way, also get a say in the process.)"

Those poor, poor students have no idea what's in store for them. Unless they live a life of protests or work for a community organizer they don't stand much of a chance in the realm of....reality.


Know what makes one a partisan cultists? When news like this comes out and no matter how much Hillary reveals herself to be a petulant, self-entitled witch without a single substantial thought or idea while treating people like pure shit, they think she'd be an honourable President despite a track record of cynicism, opportunism and sleaze; and that it's worth fabricating stories about a democratically elected President and destabilizing a nation over her of all people! 

That's what makes one a cultist.

She's not worth it.


Regarding the emails. I completely reject the notion of her intent to commit a criminal act somehow can absolve her. Her entire shtick amounts to the Costanza Defense theory of 'was that wrong?'

She damn well knew what she was doing is improper and illegal. This is what an arrogant snake does. They act as if they're above the rules. She had 30 years - as we've been told - of political (well, political life) experiences and was a lawyer.

She doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt and had it been any other lowly civil servant the consequences would likely have been severe resulting in jail time and heaven knows people would agree with making an example of a person who acted so cavalier and foolishly in matters of national security.

Some perspective people.


You know, I'm starting to get the feeling dinner with the Obamas would be such a waste of time where ideas of substance are concerned. I'm also getting a distinct feeling they're not going to do the right thing and keep quiet. 

Let's start by making math and science less racist and then let's lower standards, m'kay?

Hey Cook, instead of dicking around with identity politics, I've had to return my iPod Nano three times.

Do your job. You're a CEO; not a SJW.


There you go. Your resisters. 

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