Know Your Place: Canada Is Inferior To The United States On Freedom Of Speech And Expression

When it comes to matter of free speech and expression there's a huge difference and gulf between Canada and the United States.

In fact, despite recent events, the USA is a completely unique phenomena when it comes to freedom as evidenced by the 1A while Canada falls closer in line with the European model (i.e. illegal to criticize certain groups etc.). I know the USA doesn't score as well as it should on the Freedom Index while Canada consistently ranks ahead of them but when it comes to protection of free speech, none of the countries ahead of the USA hold water to it.

And in my view, if you're not free to express yourself unimpeded by the threat of state action, then you're not a free sovereign being armed with your own moral and intellectual agency. Everything flows from there. Why in the world would an individual cede their right to speech to the state? It's irrational as it is anti-humanist.

In addition to Canada, we have absolutely nothing to learn from Europe on this front.

Nothing. They're backward; not progressive. Regressive.

If you cede speech to the government you've given the single most precious asset that makes you an individual. 

Canada = Dependence.
United States = Independence.

The best way I can express how I view the difference between the two I guess I'll have to defer to The Simpsons where Canada is represented by Mr. Skinner (controlled thought) and the establishment while the United States is more like Lisa Simpson (free thought).

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