It's The Economy, Idiots: Let Freedom Reign Without Chains

Germany in the late 19th century and the Middle-East of the 20th century are prime example of societies who need to get out of the way of economic progress.

Or else you end up, as in the case with Germany, producing over-educated insufferable people like Marx who railed against a system that didn't reward him and with the Wahhabi strand of Islam in places like Saudi Arabia that spread a murderous death cult across the globe.

An economy is a delicate eco-system that shouldn't be disturbed by busy bodies and political twits looking to score cheap political points off it. That way, it could absorb people with too much time on their hands. Idle hands are the devil's workshop as they say.

That's why you see so many angry Arabs in slippers shouting gibberish in the streets of Arab St.

When people don't work they dream up stupidity as was the case of Karl Marx. Don't believe he wasn't influential? Think again. He was immensely influential. Marxism or socialism had plenty of schools from The Fabian Society to the Frankfurt School that have penetrated the psyche of the average North American.

Don't believe me?

How do you view capitalism? Probably along the lines of 'it needs to be chained or else', right?

That's Marxism, socialism and modern progressivism whispering their degenerate ideology into your ear.

They have too much time to ruminate about toxic crap.

One of the most severely ignored aspect of this outlook that has found its way into our value system is the idea of blaming others currently brought out to it height under the DNC.

Notice how each time a celebrity is got red handed exposing them for the light-weight, middling minds they really and truly are for various violent comments they shift blame and claim victim status.

This is a feature, not a bug, of progressivism.

Blame others.

Lost an election?

It's because of those icky deplorables.

Failed as a leader?

It's because of the previous guy.

It's a mind set tailored for losers.

And we need to cut that shit right out of our discourse.

People need to work. Not stick their faces in books that teach them to think like mindless drones setting them off into a market that sees no value in them.

A tenured professor of various 'studies' managed to find their little nest and can continue acting like fools because they get a pay check.

But what about the students they indoctrinate with their drivel?

Not everyone can be an activist.

More of a rare long shot, not many can be an activist and become President as Obama did.

But we saw in the flesh what a mediocre mind who never worked can pull off.

Not much.

All fluff and no substance.

So we need to stop thinking we can outsmart the economy and its endless permutations of intricate activities and decisions (and Mother Nature where climate change is concerned) and let it roll and unfold organically.

Don't look to put a leash on capitalism. Embrace it.

It's the only proven system that has brought mankind to its greatest heights.

Marxism/Socialism and increasingly progressivism, on the other hand, has shown mankind's darkest shadows and soul keeping the human spirit in chains.

Liberty for all. Or liberty for none.

Pick your side.

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