Couillard Says What More And More People Are Thinking

“Unfortunately, you cannot disconnect this type of event – terrorism – from Islam in general,” Couillard said in Quebec City."

I don't appreciate, moreover, being made to be feel as if I'm the problem here. In Europe* and the Federal Liberals, for example, are looking to crack down on free speech focusing on its own citizens rather than pouring their energies exactly where it lies: Within the Muslim ranks.

Peter Egghead in Sarnia making his thoughts public isn't the problem nor is he inciting anything. He's exercising his right to free speech.

I also don't like cast as a 'racist' while Muslims paint themselves as victims.

Statistically, while acts of violence have increased against Muslims they pale in comparison to those committed against Jews.

The most troubling thing is what I just wrote could be considered 'hate speech' in Canada soon.

And for this I can but raise a middle finger to Trudeau and the Liberals for what they're about to do to Canadian free speech and opinion. 

ALL Canadians should be concerned by this short-sighted and pathetic development. 

*European governments are realizing the path they led their populations onto and are literally paralyzed on what to do. They were repeatedly asked and warned not to let in refugees by the millions lest their nations could not properly vet and assimilate them. Led by Merkel and countries like Sweden, the left and progressives ignored the pleas of their people choosing instead to push back calling them racists.

Now Europe lays in practical tatters thanks to its foolishness.

There's massive unrest in Europe. We just saw tens of thousands of Italians march in the streets (described as 'right-wingers' by the traitorous cucks in the media) asking their government to cease letting refugees in. From the footage I saw, they were far from 'extremists'. Sure, there are elements of  the far right that will be attracted to this but notice the total absence of violence during their marches. Unlike those we see from Antifa, or anything from the progressive/socialist left where violence is at the core of their ideology and identity. 

This unrest could conceivably lead to civil war. If it does, guess who the Europeans will turn to?

The United States. The country they often like to mock. 

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