Merkel Looks To The Pope And Has Visions; Vaclav Klaus Prepares For Czechexit

While Merkel and the Pope met to continue pushing for madness, the Czechs may be the next country to leave the EU.

It's quite amazing how history repeats itself. Once upon a time it was Central and Eastern Europe who stopped the Mongol Horde and Huns from over running Europe. Today, they're taking a stand against Muslim refugees and migrants who are causing friction and in some cases wreaking havoc through terrorist acts all across Europe. 

The obscene part of this is the main powers in the EU have decided it was better to crack down on free speech and challenge people's beliefs rather than respect their will while protecting their citizens at all cost from harm.

Forming alliances?

Germany, France, the UK, Belgium and Sweden are by far the worst offenders who have blood on their hands. Sweden is still yet on another level of stupidity as ironically Stockholm Syndrome is setting in their psyche.

Italy for their part are closer in line with Central and Eastern Europe on this issue it turns out. Don't be surprised if Italy is the next big member to make noise about leaving the EU. All these countries will find an ally, I presume, in the United States under Trump. 

So. It looks like this is how the teams are forming. Germany, England, France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and Holland on one side and Italy, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Greece, Serbia, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic on another. I don't know yet where countries like Austria and Spain sit. I'm guessing Russia falls in line with the latter group. Which, in turn, probably aligns them with the United States.

To be perfectly frank, it's the former group that worries me most.

Here's one of Europe's real and true leaders on the Czech Republic leaving the EU:


Angela Merkel, Europe's most aggressive leader, spoke with the Pope and he encouraged her to keep plugging and plucking away at the Paris Accord because 'earf' needs to defeat the evil Mr. Burns-Trump.

"It is a world in which we want to tear down walls and not build them, and in which we all seek prosperity, wealth, honour and dignity for mankind."

She's some piece of work. A country that lets in 1 million refugee/migrants while asking its own citizens to move to from their own homes to make space for them while arresting comedians for criticizing Islam and threatening member nations to follow their policies while causing unnecessary friction for debt repayment is not an example of 'honour'. 

It's utter disrespect for citizens. 

And it points directly to the myth of the EU as a fully, integrated, democratic entity as they're more than wiling to take fellow members to court if they don't toe the line. If anything, the immigration and debt issues point directly to its shortcomings and how difficult (if not impossible) it will be to align all members with all issues into one cohesive unit. 

In theory it's nice, in practice it can be problematic.

For example, take a look at France's protectionist posture in the the possible merge of two shipping companies. Macron is looking to block Italy's Fincantieri a French rival. I thought Europe wanted to be fully integrated, yet they apply nationalist ideology when they feel their sovereignty is challenged?

Makes you look at the Paris Accords in a different light doesn't it?

"Merkel told reporters after an unusually long, 40-minute private audience with him: “The Pope encouraged me to continue and fight for international agreements, including the Paris agreement." 

She added, 'I am the Germanic Joan of Arc!' Okay, I made that up but would you be surprised if she did?

Germany under Merkel clearly is showing it can be aggressive when it doesn't get its way. The messianic zeal she's showing on immigration and climate change is quite...I'm not sure. 

Beyond this, I don't understand why they're so upset with the United States. The USA doesn't belong to them. They do more than enough to cover Europe's expenses. 

If the EU is right about the PA, the Americans will regret it and the EU can boast until the sun don't shine. Why does their views on climate change hinge on the Americans so much? Already the data on whether climate change is man made is dubious and cloudy at best, how is one country (never mind China and India) going to change this? 

If the EU believes in it so much, they can lead the way. 

For now, the Americans did the right thing in pulling out. 

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