Trump Wins Again; SCOTUS Embarrasses Court Of Appeals For the 9th Circuit...Again

SCOTUS reinstated parts of the Trump's administration's travel ban overturning the Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit (a rather common occurrence - something like 90% of their judgments reviewed by SCOTUS are overturned - apparently with this activist liberal court) in a 9-0 ruling.

Long story short, Trump won. Again.

And it's a big story.

Not bad for a guy described as knowing what he's doing.

That's another wedge issue gone from the impeachment narrative. At this point, it takes a special kind of misinformed supported of the DNC to believe the Russia story and now this.

Never mind Bernie Sanders' wife is now under official investigation for fraud and Loretta Lynch is walking on thin waters too.

Not a good week for the left. The more they resisted the more it exploded in their faces.

In any event, the President has every right to do this as anyone who knows these things already knew.

Despite this 9-0 spanking, progressives still think it's a Muslim ban and unconstitutional.

Moreover, the bottom line is Arab countries don't take in the refugees. Maybe it's time they do?

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