The Wells Fargo Scam

Elizabeth Warren is gonna chime in on this right...right?

Of course not.

"Wells Fargo has habitually tried to cultivate a reputation as “the good bank.” Its executives maintain with pride that they stay away from high-risk investment products, and focus on traditional banking, with the highest ethical standards. 

Except for the part where bank employees created over 2 million fake accounts in their customers’ names."

Buffett owns so much stock in this and is the right kind of people. Not like those 'deplorables' or 'crazies' as Greenspan worries. 

Lord me, they can't hold back their contempt for people.

Straight up securities fraud from a miserable ward of the state this Wells Fargo.

Quite the shocking story.

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  1. If only "metaphorically 'raping people up the ass'" could also be classified as a "sex offense" a lot of "respectable" types would instantaneously lose their "respectability" status.


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