Failed American Foreign Policy In The Middle East

Hillary keeps yapping on about how it was necessary to intervene in Libya leaving the country in civil war tatters. Another area where American foreign policy has completely lost its direction is in Syria.

If the American position or strategy makes little sense to you that's because it doesn't. It has no real effective plan in place.

Obama may have fooled sycophants, supporters, fans and a lap dog media into believing he was engaging in a game of chess but the facts of his decisions involving not just Syria and Libya but Egypt and Iran as well have for the most part failed.

And spectacularly.

In fact, the decisions undertook are every bit as dangerous as invading a nation outright.

Obama and Hilary have essentially engaged in sloppy and cynical version of 'war by other means' foreign policy.

He may have inherited a mess (which is part and parcel of taking over a nation) but he proceeded to create his own mess.

And then some.

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