The United Nations Makes Remarkably Stupid Request

I can barely keep up anymore but I couldn't let this slide.

It seems the United Nations and its 'experts' (the UN doesn't have experts. They have self-appointed bozo-bureaucrats like we do here pretending to be experts) feel the United States should give blacks reparations.

This is ludicrous as it outrageous. Besides the fact I have no idea how they're going to determine who should get them (never mind the obscene scenario of a wealthy black person getting such a check (personally, I'd send it back because I would view it as pointless and insulting but that's me) at the expense of a poor white person or ancestors who had nothing to do with slavery).

It's a stupid idea and quite frankly anyone who pushes and pimps it possesses a middling mind that lacks a humanist vision and perspective.

And never mind the breathtaking arrogance of the UN.

This is an organization that has persistently demonized Israel (while basically shrugging off the murders of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972. That said a lot about the UN as a legitimate body) and coddled some of the most heinous regimes and dictators in the world going as far as to place them on The Human Rights Council as well as the Security Council!

Not only that, and more importantly, it defies the facts of history. Slavery is but the story of humanity. It stretches back thousands of years. Are we to demand Rome and Athens pay reparations? What of European empires who engaged in the trade? What about the indentured Irish?

More explosive, what about the role of the Africans themselves in this shameless institution? After all, they sold humans to the Europeans and...Muslims.

Ah yes. Muslims. The new special status class in Western culture and the United Nations.

Islam's slavery record is one of the most astonishing of them all. Hundreds of millions killed and taken into captivity. Sometimes they didn't even bother to use middle-men and went straight into the homes of people and stole their children.

That's one massive reparation right there, no?

Still more, there has not been a more oppressed people in human history than Jews. They faced multiple massacres and a genocide for thousands of years.

What does the world owe them you piece of shits?

American slavery, relatively speaking, is but a tiny blip in world history.

No nation on the planet or in history has confronted its slave past almost to nauseating levels given birth to a pseudo-intellectual discourse (of which Coates - who is referenced as a journalist in the paper - is a member of and who is not a journalist. More like a word-farter) on the matter.

No nation has tried as hard to make amends by not only providing welfare but the opportunity to gain wealth like the United States. None. It's not perfect but American blacks need to stop this latest gray train because if they keep to it, it will set race relations back more than any white cop could ever do. It will piss off the vast majority of decent Americans (excluding progressives of course because they're miserable trouble makers) needlessly.

The United States should turn the grossly immoral UN around, kick it in the ass and tell it to go fuck itself for shamelessly publishing this garbage.

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