Quebec Continues To Act Like A Banana Republic: Living On A Linguistic Prayer

Why Quebec is a laggard in North American reason 394959566:

"An eye specialist has been temporarily barred from practicing in Quebec because he failed the OQLF's written French proficiency test.

Le Devoir reports Dr. Amer Omar was suspended by the College of Physicians on July 1, after he spent the previous three years practicing under temporary work permits.
He's the only eye doctor in the province specializing in genetic retinal disease, and he won't be able to practice again until at least next month, when he gets another crack at the exam.
The 37-year-old doctor, originally from Egypt, has lived in Canada for the last 15 years, is married to a French Quebecer, and speaks fluent French. He has also spent the last year brushing up on his written French — without success."

And that my friends is Quebec lunacy in a nut shell. How's that for building an advanced society!

Nationalists keep telling me Anglos politicize everything. But it's usually the 'reaction to something stupid' kind and here's a prime example of it. Think of it. He's the only doctor of his kind in the province and the province is putting a lousy proficiency test before the health of patience.

We should be proud of this and working to bring more like him here.

Instead, we're full-throttle stupid. We have no business making fun of Trump on any level because we are a Trump inspired place. It's right there in action.

Is Couillard, as a physician, even paying attention? Decent and sensible Quebecers need to really speak up at this point lest 'la chute de Montreal' continues unabated.

The OLF are an embarrassing blithe on the province's landscape with way too much power who offer nothing.

Worse that that, Quebec is out of its fricken mind if it thinks this has no impact on potential talent relocating here. Last I checked, we're not exactly a hub of innovative activity at the moment and there's plenty of reasons for this. Superficial barriers to entry based on language is one of them; an entry NO JURISDICTION in North America demands I might remind. Proficiency exams are as productive as they're discriminatory.

Le Journal de Montreal recently ran a couple of articles about how successful Anglo education institutions are. Minority and Anglo graduation rates have always been higher than they are on the Franco side and much of it is standards as it is cultural. The same can be said of English hospitals.

How absurd are things? As if French hospitals aren't in need of serious upgrade, nationalists think it's a swell idea to enter English institutions and demand there's 'too much English.'

Let's race to the bottom! All for language.

It's only something old immigrants figured, what, 100 years ago and proceeded accordingly.

Apart from the staggering display of cultural dissonance whereby they seem to act as though the Anglo community are an obscurity, it never occurs to them to say, 'Hey man. What are you guys doing right?'

Even within itself Quebec is insular.

No wonder Toronto blew Montreal right...out...of...the...water.

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