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I stopped reading Politifact and Factcheck a while ago. I detected they were applying laws loosely to where Democrats are the target but then strictly interpreting holding Republicans They also play with how they determine what is 'mostly false' and 'mostly true'.

They're as political organization as any. 

It was just a hunch but once I was looking for it, I was catching all sorts of questionable ratings. I never really jotted them down - though I regret it - choosing instead to just move along. It takes a lot of work to fact check fact checkers.

I'm glad others are on it though.

Here are some examples from Human Events.

To answer the question: No, progressives lie. They are the revisionists. Their whole shtick was never about statistics and science but a version or reinterpretation of them to fit their schemes and narratives which basically, when you get down to it, are fundamentally anti-human.

In other words, they give Democrats a longer leash and more wiggle room.

And even between Fact Check and Politifact they don't always arrive at the same conclusion. If something is a fact, two sides would arrive at the same conclusion, no?


Trump said “murders are up” in New York City since ending stop-and-frisk policies, while Clinton said “crime, including murders” is down. Both are correct.


Not for year-to-date, not for longer term
Donald Trump

More here.

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