Excluding Quebec Residences

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is frustrated when it comes to wanting to participate in various contests across North America only to read the fine print 'Excluding Quebec residences'.

I have no idea what the reason or origins of this are but I have a suspicion it may be language related.

It's quite disappointing (and somewhat embarrassing). Over the years my wife and daughter would listen eagerly to Radio Disney hoping to enter contests only to be told 'not open to Quebec residences'.

What else is new with this province? It all funnels through into the prism of language.

Really, it's like railing against the wind. But it's curious as it is instructive as it is not surprising.

Quebec cuts itself off from the continent in several ways.

I want to feel a part of this continent; not cut off from it.

Then they wonder why this place trails and lags in so many areas.


  1. Quebec prefers "tending its own gardens" over "fraternizing".

    1. Quebec complains about being isolated while at the same enacting rules and laws that exclude themselves from being a part of the continent. Call it a genetic quarrelsome quirk passed down from the French.

      Regions that focus on themselves (ie deep South, Quebec) miss the boat on what's going on outside their bubble.

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