Modern Media: Weep

Marching orders. Shut up and do as we say.

Truly pathetic.

These are not journalists.

They're sycophants.

As useless as they come.


  1. I think the media has always been, essentially, psyops and social engineering gimmicks.

    Whether via newspapers, radio, magazine articles, television
    ...even back in the 19th century.
    On December 22 1864 the Rocky Mountain News (Denver) praised the members of the Colorado Third Regiment for their "privations and gallantry" in defeating the "Indian savages" during the battle on November 29 1864, now known as the Sand Creek Massacre, in which the regiment attacked an entire village of Native Americans who were guaranteed sanctuary, including women and children.

    So ...there's always been that "media bias". It's nothing new.

    1. Except, if I'm not mistaken, back then they knew they were being bias. They made no overtures about being objective. Everyone knew where everyone stood. Today, the media pretends to be objective and deceives viewers. I'd respect these folks more if they'd just come out and admit it already. It's pathetic really.

    2. Admit overtly to being "social rank fascist pigs" who are knowingly obsequious to the "overprivileged" and impressionable "socially-correct minded"?

    3. A man can dream, no?


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