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New York Times readers (I use the term loosely) reacting to Johnson and libertarians:

"Roscoe Farmington, MI 1 hour ago
Nowadays they call this magical thinking. If our government is a passive wimp and we let greed and power run rampant somehow this will create the perfect society. The reality is that markets will bubble and blow up. The rich and powerful will take control of every institution and use it for their own personal gain. Guns everywhere will lead to random nuts shooting innocent people. Wars will increase and defense costs will blow up to drive profit for the military industrial complex. Race relations will become worse with many driven into poverty causing domestic violence leading to more police and more prisons that will have to be paid for. And by the way all these costs will increase the debt. The old and the weak will suffer and die because health care will only be for the few. I could go on but the Reality is the Republican Party has already created this libertarian state....it's happening now. And it happened because we elected them and their goal has been to make government weak, stupid and ineffective. This guy is not change but just more of the same. Vote for Hillary!"

Sherry Tampa 1 hour ago
No. The Libertarian Party under the Johnson - Weld ticket is not at all compatible with the Democratic Party under the Clinton - Kaine ticket. The Libertarian Party is just an iteration of the modern GOP, with the same structure of social policies designed to distract from economic policies designed to enrich the 1% on the backs of the 99 %, and generally destroy the entire government, even the parts that work well, and especially the necessary parts that are included in all modern democracies, civil, moral societies and that a majority of the citizens rely upon, like public education, federal highways, programs to support the very young and the very old, the most vulnerable. The only difference is that the social policies are an attempt to distract the left, now that the right is sufficiently distracted. I mean, The Koch Brothers are admittedly, proudly Libertarian - if that isn't a clue to the goals of the Libertarian Party, I don't know what is. Here's another clue regarding the viability of a Libertarian administration - the man at the top of the Libertarian Party ticket wasn't even familiar with the name of a city that is older than the Bible, let alone any familiarity with the modern day implications of it's current situation.
Voting Libertarian doesn't require deep breathing, ir causes suffocation.

The New York Times finest ladies and gentleman.

The irrational state of being. Pas beau, eh?

Who are these people?

One more:

Thom Quine Vancouver, Canada 4 hours ago
Libertarianism is the ideology of hatred of the poor. There is no society and therefore no social problems, there are only Mad Max individuals fighting it out. If you are low-income that is your own fault, if you can't afford medical insurance you should just die and let the rest of us keep our taxes. Government is bad, and everything they do is wrong by definition.
The problem with this ideology is that the most livable countries in the world have high taxes, lots of government regulation, low poverty, low crime, a strong social safety net, and a general understanding that being a good citizen means you make a contribution to the general health of the society, and you are not just in it for your own personal enrichment.
Don't fall for libertarian lies!

Jesus me. 

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