Daily Derp: DD's All-Time Hit By Pitch Leader

Why, Paul Krugman! He just passed Ernie 'Coach' Pantuso for that honor.

Paul Krugman. The conscience of an illiberal:

"I suppose a free market purist might question why we need government policies to help deal with this new reality. But we are, after all, talking about the fate of children, who are to some extent a common responsibility. Furthermore, child care economics is in some ways like health economics: for a variety of reasons, mostly coming down to the fact that we’re dealing with people, not things, we can’t trust unregulated markets to deliver a decent outcome."

Paul supposes. 


Obamacare is a frightful disaster passed on a bed of lies and deceit. It's no surprise it's not accomplishing what it claimed to do and you can expect the same from 'child care economics' whatever that means.

Oh, if he means subsidized daycare. Just study Quebec's case. Inside 20 years it became unfeasible. I can just imagine what a gargantuan mess in the hands of the U.S. government, which can't even run SS properly, it would quickly become. Particularly if introduced by Democrats.

No. No they're not a common responsibility. They're the responsibility of the family and only the family. Anything beyond that is government force imposing itself on the family.

The rest of that is just more typical Krooogmanian scare-mongering under the guise of 'rational thought'. Yeh, yeh. We get it. Before the arrival of the mega-welfare state we were all morally destitute.

It's all eugenics in the end. 

This thing that liberals are offering 'big ideas' is nonsense. All they propose are failed progressive retreads with more government passing off as 'for the greater good'.

Progressives are draining the life and blood of our existence.


This is the sort of social distortion and destruction they offer:

"The Archaeologies of Modern Conflict course now comes with a trigger warning that cautions students about the potentially traumatizing nature of history."


If you go to Liveleaks, or read reports not covered in the press or youtube, you find all sorts of crimes committed by progressives sometimes in live time.

The disturbing development is they claim they have a right to destroy and steal property because they believe they hold the moral high ground.

You also, after some digging, a lot of these faux-protestors are either really just plain dumb or paid by progressive groups to go provoke people at rallies.

Just some examples:


Police abuse is not real:

"Police officers across the country misuse confidential law enforcement databases to get information on romantic partners, business associates, neighbors, journalists and others for reasons that have nothing to do with daily police work, an Associated Press investigation has found.
Criminal-history and driver databases give officers critical information about people they encounter on the job. But the AP's review shows how those systems also can be exploited by officers who, motivated by romantic quarrels, personal conflicts or voyeuristic curiosity, sidestep policies and sometimes the law by snooping. In the most egregious cases, officers have used information to stalk or harass, or have tampered with or sold records they obtained."


Is Tesla playing people?

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