Opportunity Knocks No More

Hillary and the Democrats love to hammer out the vague 'income inequality' thing to rile up idiots.

But here's the thing.

The average person - even poor ones - don't give a shit about other people's success or wealth.

What they care about is their own hopes in having an opportunity to achieve wealth.

And god dammit there is no nation in all of human history that has provided this better than the United States of America.

So what do progressives do? Knowing damn well people don't care they've begun to attack the idea opportunity exists. They've come up with all sorts of meaningless catch phrases that have no beginning or end like 'the system is rigged'. Say it enough times and you'll convince enough people to rally around your mythical cry.

But the middle class is shrinking, T.C.! If it is, they were never of any use to progressives anyway. However, if true, maybe it's because the middle-class (such outdated terms) has graduated into the upper-classes. There is no damn 1% out to get or hoard. That's just boogey-man bull shit.

Here in Quebec, they consider $130 000 salary to be rich. So that makes those earning such an income 'riche' and deserving of scorn to be taxed.

It's just another version of with hunt only with envy as its catalyst.

It's not just that. 'Equal' opportunity now is meant to insidiously include equality of results.

They want to manage outcomes.

It's not nutty. It's what illiberal minds do in an effort to control and create a state controlled society where experts rule over the 'deplorables'.

It's not that difficult to see. 

They went right after your greatest asset: Belief.

And they took it from you.

All to make you their slave; their bitch.

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