Quebec: The South North

I've observed the same thing in my business.

People from abroad come to Quebec but are not interested in staying. The like the place but there's too much politics preventing them from doing what they want. It's hard to describe and explain to a Quebecer this place is behind the curve and quite frankly I don't see it getting better. Not too long ago the Parti Quebecois went full unhinged and they're set to double down on this.

The part about where all things being equal they will choose the French-Canadian is accurate. They will claim this happens everywhere but that claim is weak. It's damn near impossible to pull that shit in the USA.

But believe this they must to justify their own discriminatory practices.

Case in point in the comments:

This is not an exodus of Quebecois but of people who are culturally foreign to Quebec. If French-speaking Quebecois were leaving en masse, this would be a big issue. Instead, those who are departing could be described as 'Westmount Rhodesians', privileged people who refuse to adapt to the majority culture or speak its language. The rest of Canada has a similar problem - one caused by 'Canadians of convenience', people who reject everything about the country except its prized passport and its medical and social welfare systems. In both cases, the whiners should just leave and not come back.

Way to go missing the entire point, pal.

What else is new? This is exactly why Quebec is as stagnant a region as they come.

It's not that they are unwilling to adapt you dipshit. It's that Quebec laws are onerous and not worth the headache. No one likes to be told where to send their kids or be forced to communicate with each other in not their native tongue. Once upon a time, nationalists assured us they were just looking for 'respect' and nothing more.

Now they've taken it up a notch and looking to enter the realm of speech and language control. It starts in the workplace (even where the majority aren't French. Of course this doesn't matter because 'French majority'. You may be 12 people but you must write to each other in French. Who in their right mind accepts this kind of insulting and interventionist bull shit? My retort is simple now. You want respect but I can't give it where it is not earned and nationalists in their constant railing against my language deserves none of it) and eventually in the homes. Watch.

It's coming. Insecure societies that focus on what other people are doing tend to stay stuck in mud.

It's not an opinion but a fact of history; of human nature.

People like this idiot don't understand our laws punitive and smart people see right through it and decide to leave. Instead of looking at what we're doing wrong he looks to blame the immigrant. These people are not looking to not assimilate. They're looking for a fair shake and demanding they take a French test to 'prove' it is pure fucking discrimination.

Heck, I'm tired of it and from here. How would this guy describe me?

Just stop bull shitting people and tell them flat out they need to be totally proficient in French or else.

Of course, Quebec can't do that lest they look like racist fools. So they try and pass a fast one only problem is people catch on. 

Calling people 'Westmount Rhodesians' (and this angers me) is essentially xenophobic and has its roots in the nationalist movement back in the 1960s when Quebec was waking up from its slumber while 'les autres' were moving past them on the social and economic scale. You have to be one insular son of a bitch to call people this. It's like Quebec refuses to learn from other people's perspectives regarding our shortcomings. The second we mention what they're doing is wrong and doom to fail they scream 'Quebec bashing'.

The only way they managed to reverse it was by applying laws that trampled on civil liberties. They can squawk all they want deflecting this fact, but it ain't fooling intelligent people this province desperately needs.

And mark my words. It will fail. It already has. Just look around the continent. We're not in the conversation. No one is looking at us; for good reason too.

Moreover, the second someone points something out that may not be beneficial, they scream 'leave if you don't like!' You know, like populists and nativists.

'Yeah were not so rich or so dynamic or offer more but at least we're French and I'll be damned some foreigner is gonna tell us what to do!'

The mentality displayed by the comment is something North America is working hard - and succeeding enormously - to eliminate.

The bottom line is by every metric and measure Quebec is a laggard. We're not a leader.

And this article points out one of the reasons why.

Only problem is Quebec just isn't listening.

How do you translate 'La, la, la' in joual?

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