Liberal Party Cabinet Minister Problems: t's No Longer 2015. What Happens Now?

What is it with the left and progressives and their obsession with claiming a different heritage than from what and who they actually are?

It's a bizarre development I'm sure I'm not alone in having detected.

For example, we had Elizabeth Warren claiming to be part Cherokee - with the charge she leveraged this into gaming affirmative action in her favor.

President Obama, for his part, admitted composites of people to define who he is in his book 'Dreams of My Commie Father.'

The story of Rachel Dolezal is perhaps as odd as they come. Dolezal, who is white, insists she is black.

And just for kicks, I add Jessica Alba seemed disappointed to find out she was of Spanish origin and not Native American. You can find it on youtube.

The list has now been expanded into transgenderism.


I guess some do it because it's trendy pretending to be an 'exotic' origins and brownie bonus points if it comes with victim or special status or a protected class.

We seem to have created our own 'private bubbles' of existence where we can be anything we want to be leaving us vulnerable to various passing trends inevitably leaving people perpetually unfulfilled.

Which brings me to the story of Liberal cabinet minister Maryam Monsef. Monsef was heralded as the first Afghan born politician elected to office. However, it turns out she may be from Iran but she doesn't know. Worse, she seems to be throwing her mother under the bus blaming her for the confusion. The story is enough of a red flag because she was 11 when she immigrated. One would think she'd know if she came from Iran or not.

Here's the money quote:

"...When asked why security vetting for cabinet posts didn’t uncover this error, an official said “we learned of this information about Maryam Monsef’s place of birth when it was brought to us recently by the The Globe and Mail.

Really? Makes you wonder if they're vetting refugees/migrants from the Middle-East properly. Suddenly, I'm not so confident.

This development is troubling as it is a showcase in amateurism where the Liberal party is concerned.

Yes, it is a big deal. Misrepresenting oneself or facts in a job interview or in a prospectus or any other area where you're expected to be truthful, is fraud.

The right thing to do is to just resign.

Boy, Trudeau's 2015 cabinet has been off to a right start. Just before this scandal came Hunter Tootoo for was embroiled in a relationship with a colleague only to move on to her mother.

Character we can believe in!

But things have gotten really stupid in Canada sooooo.

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