Compost This

They're enforcing composting in the municipality (a small town with a menacing government not above using Mafia-like tactics) where I own my business.

While composting is not a bad thing (my grandfather was doing it before it was cool), it is a pain in the ass particularly with my business.

Of course, like everything else in North America, I don't have a choice. Do it...or else.

Which made me think about voting. I'm moving more and more towards the camp that believes voting is a waste of time. Bureaucrats run the show. Not the politicians. And you can't vote civil servants out.

An efficient and (hopefully) enlightened bureaucracy is necessary for the administering of a country.

Except, we don't have an efficient or enlightened bureaucracy.

Far from it. It's often petty and vulnerable to the shrill fads that afflict a particular era (ie climate change).

Basically, I vote in a face who then sits on a council making decisions on our behalf (regardless if they campaigned on it or not) that we must follow or face a consequence.

In other words, I give them the honor of using force against me.

That's all it is.

Composting is simply not for everyone. It's a preferred activity for sure but to use government force (ie fines) via inspectors is, as I've often argued here, invalid to a free society.

The more you rely on force to 'progress' a society, the weaker it is.


  1. Isn't living in a "free country" a total joy?

    1. Tell me about it.

    2. Too much emphasis on "the letter of the law" instead of on the spirit behind the law(s), as well as the mindset and intentions of those who originally concocted said law(s).
      Once a law is enacted it is "set in stone". A "tool" to be used by anyone in authority in any way they can figure out how to use it without "going outside its clinical boundaries"


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