PQ Debate Doesn't Disappoint

Who needs the American deep south when we have our own knee-slappers here in Quebec?

I caught an interesting exchange between the hillbillies in the PQ discussing language.

And it wasn't surprising but still disturbing.

One Martine Ouellette railed with the usual false equivalence Quebec nationalist like to use. She wondered if Saskatchewan is allowed to be English only, why shouldn't Quebec be French only?

For this, the mob cheered.

But here's the thing. There's a much larger English-speaking fact in Quebec than Saskatchewan has French-speakers. Moreover, Saskatchewan is not doing it out of spite. However, Ontario does have bilingual signs on its highway system to which Quebec does not. So plus one to them. It really says a lot about the mindset of the PQ that they obsess and look at things this way.

And honestly, who gives a shit at this point? This false equivalence of 'But Toronto!' is tiresome.

I don't care about Toronto. It's weak play to justify our own prejudice against a linguistic community.  Two wrongs don't make a right and all that.

This is just plain and plump ignorant populism that continues to lurk in the PQ ranks.

The last thing you want to do is further insulate the province than it already is.

But wait. It gets better.

Some guy named Cloutier responded along the lines of 'we can't demand all signs be in French. There are laws to respect, it's too bad, but we have to respect it.'

Here, the crowd jeered. Hissssss!

Wow. Take a bow. Hand that yokel a shot of moonshine!

Lemme ask. How are we supposed to interpret this? 

So let me get this straight? You respect the law but not my language?

That's not how respect works.

Let's rephrase this to show how regressive these people can be. Just replace it with another language and transplant it to another region.

'I know. I wish we could have everything in English but there are laws in place. I know. It's unfortunate but Spanish is a language too!'

Imagine the uproar - and rightfully so - you would see. But you don't because for the most part such thinking is non-existent and if it is, it hold little water or power in North America. Only in Quebec does it have weight because the PQ represents 25% of the population.

This is not good. It's not good.

I keep hoping someone pulls these idiots by the ear and drags them around but I reckon it won't happen.

Which is why my daughter is not staying here. I don't want her exposed to this crap. Crap I tolerated and no longer wish to do so.

Don't like my language? Fuck you.

Do I offend you? Does the existence of my being threaten you?

But you sure as hell love my taxes don't you?


Oh. By the way.  A French-Canada is free to go anywhere on the continent and not be accosted for their language. No one will bother them if they put a sign up or anything that is free expression.

The favor is not returned here. The average Quebecer doesn't know their government actively engages in linguistic discrimination with bull shit language exams to get a mortgage broker or real estate license which doesn't exist anywhere. Nor do we have any campuses that forbid people from speaking their native tongue as we do here like at the Universite de Montreal where people are not allowed to speak English.

Never mind about the immoral insanity of suspending the only retinal eye specialist in the province because he couldn't pass a fucking lousy written test! Let's put politics above the health of Quebecers!

Bravo, you morons running this banana republic.

It's mad.

I wish I was joking but I'm not.

And nowhere does any jurisdiction have a language police harassing people for having the temerity to veer of the French language.

Vancouver has their own nitwits who complain about 'too much Chinese' but there are no language laws and hopefully it will stay that way.

Quebec nationalists bring absolutely nothing to the French language. They demean it through actions borne out of insecurity and misplaced pride.

That's why you're a laughing stock, Mme. Ouellette. 


Ever since the fall of the Catholic church and its influence in Quebec, the province has been in a constant state of chaos and manic insecurity where identity is concerned.

And it's manifesting itself in demagoguery particularly against 'les autres'.

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