Quote Of The Day

"Theodore Dalrymple unmasks the hidden sentimentality that is suffocating public life. Under the multiple guises of raising children well…and doing good generally, we are achieving quite the opposite — for the single purpose of feeling good about ourselves."

Book review. 

Reminds me of the shrill hysterics displayed by people whenever they freak out seeing a kid walking alone or Harambe or Cecil the Lion or whatever. That is, they act with indignant faux moral rage.

It's nauseating.

I wonder how many of them first instinct is to whip out their little stupid iPhone cameras and take to Twitter (land of the twits) to publicly shame rather than, you know, actually help a fellow human out.

Nah. Easier to play nanny on the internet. 




  1. I hate it when people behave like officious asses (especially when they do so in such a "dutiful" fashion).


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