Freest Economies

According to the Fraser Institute.

Quick word. Canada once again out ranks the United States.

The U.S. has continued it's slow decline. I believe it was first or second right around Bush II took over and it sank to 6th by the time Obama came into office. It currently sits in 16th.

Not surprising given who has been running the U.S. in the last eight years.

I suspect it's going to further drop once Hillary (or Trump) take over. I don't see a single idea or thought that gives me much hope to think otherwise. It's really that bad.

How Obama can claim the economy is healthy is beyond me to comprehend.

America's leadership problem reminds me of Rome's succession problems that led to all sorts of instability, violence and unrest until Augustus came along. The thing that saved Rome at that time was that despite become an Emperor pretending to run a Republic, Augusts was actually pretty enlightened where matters of free trade and markets were concerned. The Pax Romana was no mistake. It was directly connected to Augustus's wise policies where state control and taxes (and duties) were kept at a minimum.

It's just that, just we're witnessing today, once the money rolls in, the government takes it and makes a mess of it. Think modern progressives like Democrats, Liberals and the NDP. Or more poignantly and starkly, Venezuela. Where there's a source of cash, they raid it.

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