Debate In One Quote

"Josh Jordan ‏@NumbersMuncher 10h10 hours ago Lester Holt negative questions to Trump:
Tax Returns
Birther issue
Iraq War
Hillary Presidential Looks

Negative questions to Clinton:

Exactly. Seems to me the woman bull shitting about cyber security and who stored government emails on an unsecured private server deserved some grilling. It also seems to me Lester could have question the fact she voted for Iraq when she railed against the Bush tax cuts or as he pressed Trump about the birth certificate he could have reminded the audience of the fact it originated in the Democrat ranks. Or how about the 'pay to play' racket of the Clinton Foundation?

Lester Holt also was fact checking Trump while letting Hillary's crap slide.

Sigh. He's just another Democrat hack posing as a 'neutral' moderator. We saw this last year with Cindy Crowley.

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