Euro Trash In World Cup Final: Team Europe Gets Last Laugh

And now for Canadian stupidity.

An article by Dave Hilson in The Toronto Sun hasn't gotten enough attention for its 'Euro Trash' title in describing Team Europe.

That's a ridiculous thing to print. Not sure what was the point of doing that. Reminds me when Der Speigel at the 2006 World Cup and again during the 2016 Euro (I forget the publication this time) wrote some pathetically arrogant and insulting articles trying to demean Italians.

It's uncalled for.

Note: Notice I don't call for censorship lest we end up in a full blown parasitical progressive nanny state punishing people's opinions and now their thoughts as they do in Europe now.

Good on Don Cherry to bring it up. Not only that, he actually predicted they'd do well while every wrote them off. His logic was simple but true: Never dis people. Ever.

Never ever give your opponent something to hold on to. Never stomp on their logo. Never disrespect their flag. Never question their heart.


“I said earlier today, when I saw the [Toronto] Sun, I will bet any money on Team Europe,” said Cherry, who held up the headline that read, “Euro Trash?”

Team Europe beat an outsanding Team Sweden squad 3-2 in overtime to reach the final against Team Canada.

And that's that.

It seems The Sun didn't publish the article online so I can't really delve more into it but someone did and I'll let them have the last word:

Re “Euro Trash?” (Dave Hilson, Sept. 17): Toronto is the host of this hockey tournament. What kind of ignorant, insulting headline is this? Invite guests into your house and treat them this way. What a classless thing to do.
Pat Stevens
(Team Europe is in the semi-finals against Sweden. So much for “Euro Trash”)


Quick word on Team Canada. They're at this point the equivalent of USA basketball in terms of dominance. I don't think I've quite seen the Canadian senior team dominate (the junior program hit its dominant stride in the 1990s and that continued for roughly 15 years) like we've seen over the last decade or so and definitely in the last few years like we've seen.

The great hockey nations  are barely touching them. It's almost reminiscent of how the Soviets ruled hockey back in the 1960's through the 1980s.

Kudos to Canada.

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