There Are No Consequences When There Are Unicorns To Protect Us

The progressive movement is a cult. Or at least they move about like mindless drones in lockstep with each other holding hands in a long-chain. It's almost as if they receive marching orders and off they run to infest us with their demands and solutions for social ills they deem urgent.

When the topic of taxes arises, for example, you'll hear one progressive leader assert 'taxes are the price for civilization' and next thing you know the Prog Army of Rational Lightbringers are repeating the phrase ad nauseum. Or 'pay a living wage' (followed by an arbitrary figure - it's always arbitrary with them) as President Obama vapidly proclaimed in a State of the Union address earlier this year.

Result? The cue was taken. Must. Follow. Orders. A socialist in Seattle demands Wal-Mart pays $15 /hr. The government already superficially set a pay scale in subsidized daycare. It's been transferred - unfairly - onto private entities who don't have the luxury of using tax dollars to cover salaries. But in the minds of the left I'm "rich" simply because I own a business and will have to make do.

What these people don't care about - no literally, they don't care because they see corporations as malignant entities there to be raped and pillaged for the greater good as they define it - are the consequences - unintended or otherwise - of those actions. Any semi-economic literate mind will see raising such a raise will come at a significant cost. It can hurt, for example, the middle-class in the form of higher prices as the costs will be passed on to us. It can mean a company reducing hours or its labour force because the cost of doing business threatens their margins. It also plays a role, in a larger context, lead to 'outsourcing' as businesses will naturally look to lower costs. Alas, this is not what they're supposed to do according to the prog-pan! Furthermore, they can demand or require more experienced workers at such a price thus freezing out low-skilled employees of which they represent a large percentage of the employment base.

And so on.

But they don't care.

All they see is their magical unicorn prancing around dispersing high wages and all will be fair and well. Theirs is the grand compassionate project.

What of fairness?

Their concept of fairness is as warped as their interpretations of finance.

They insist the government intervenes in such matters. But as usual, when they implicate their policies into our lives it creates more injustice since they pick and choose 'winners' and 'losers' when it comes to, for instance, subsidies and bail outs.

Progressive thought has become predictable as it has become patently puerile. As time went on on my long journey onto becoming a libertarian-humanist, this became apparent.

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