Quebec Unicorns

A rebuttal against Lisee and Drainville.

There you go.

Their letter does sully Jefferson's name.

And another from the NP.

You know, I'm of the opinion that if French Quebec feels this way so be it. Just don't get goofy and start believing you're part of or fulfilling Jefferson's grand philosophies saying your document is 'revolutionary.'

It works in lesser societies like our own but when you stand on the grand stage of international opinion and say such things it just shows how parochial we are.

If the Charter becomes what they claim (and I highly doubt it Lisee is no Jefferson. All sorts of tinpot places with their crackpot leaders claim to be related to a Founding Father) and stand shoulder to shoulder with the American Constitution, then I'll retract.

I'm gonna go with my own understanding and knowledge of history and bet against it.

One last thing, would the Founding Fathers ever pen such anti-liberty Bills like 101 or 22? Or would Americans tolerate an outfit like the OLF?

Therein lies the answer to how frivolous and vapid comparing the PQ Charter to Jefferson really is.

Quebec is not enlightened. It still let's tyranny of the majority govern its tribal impulses.


I sent the letter to a couple of my American friends - both political junkies. One liberal the other conservative. Both were astounded.

I quote one of them:

"WTF!!! I can't believe this shit!!"

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