Fall Of Western Civiilization Reason 40005066

Civil servants work against the people because of insane, irrational regulations:

"People who reflexively defend government may feel no pity for businesses that face extra costs: Let businesses pay fees and take tests—we don't want unlicensed tour guides describing famous statues incorrectly! But these costs add up. Often, they make a small, barely profitable business impossible to operate. These rules also violate Americans' right to free speech. They are unnecessary. If tour guides are no good, people can patronize others. The government doesn't need to be gatekeeper.

These rules generally prevail because existing businesses are politically connected. They capture licensing boards and use license rules to crush competition from businesses just getting started."

Part in bold is exactly how the average person with nothing at stake thinks. Ironically, many rely on business, you know, for employment. They want their benefits and living wages but think nothing of over burdening businesses with stupid rules that only serve to increase the cost of business which in turns means less in the bank account to consider giving back to the business and its employees should it desire.

Instead, costs get past on to YOU - the consumer.

Maintaining margins is the key. That's why I believe schools should have an entrepreneurial class. Teach kids what it's like that way they get a clue. Instead, we're fed a full serving of slop about how the government is necessary for progress. That's ONE side of the reality. The other side is business and industry. Balance it out.

Maybe that way they wouldn't be gullible understanding simple things like how debt works and that servicing interest charges can overwhelm your budget.

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