Monumental Game Changer For Sports In Canada

This is a huge deal the NHL and Rogers (TVA - part of Quebecor - in Quebec) signed.

Pretty big.

It changes the hockey landscape significantly.

In listening to the discussion, it was interesting to hear journalists and executives talk about how this impacts the CBC's Don Cherry. Of all the personalities, Cherry towers above everyone else. Much to the chagrin of haters. Love it.

When Rogers entered the sports world, I welcomed it because it meant competition to TSN. I don't like when any one entity has exclusive rights or control of something.

It will be very intriguing to see how TSN/RDS (subsidiaries of ESPN) react.

It may mean more basketball, soccer or other sports. Which can also be a good thing depending how they deal with it.

Funny how things work out. Once upon a time, TSN's grip on sports in Canada seemed unshakeable even when the obscure Sportsnet (Rogers) came into the picture. Hockey is the main game in town here and Rogers just grabbed the spoils. It's like when Germanic kings - and all other powers in history - conquering Rome to put in its trophy case.

How times have changed.

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