The On-Going War On Caps

Article on the reserve clause in the NBA.

What caught me was this exchange between a Senator and Oscar Robertson:

Robertson: I think it is terribly wrong for anyone to limit anyone’s ability to earn money no matter where it may be, whether it is in business or sports. I think any time you limit a person as to where he can go, such as the case was prior to the two leagues, I think it is terribly wrong.
Hruska: Is it wrong to limit the amount of money a man can earn?
Robertson: I think in America it is.
Hruska: Does the draft system do that?
Robertson: I think if you only had one league, that is true. As long as you have two leagues, there is no telling what a person can earn.

Even back then political masters wanted to cap how much a man earns. Robertson, of course, was/is in the right.

Shorter Robertson: While it's not a man's place to determine another man's financial well-being, it's none of your god damned business how much I make asshole.

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