New York Teacher Sticks It To Commissioner Over Common Core

The top-down approach model to education is dead. It's so dead it's retarded to even have such a model. It's like listening to record companies complain and refuse to accept the reality of the new age we're in. It was good for them and just because they like it doesn't mean everyone else will follow.

The issue is how can we adapt in a changing environment?

Using "ministers" and "commissioners" who aren't even educators is a bad, bad idea. It's faulty and unwise. Bureaucratic one-size fits all ideas coerced onto everybody is another terrible way to approach education.

I often joke subsidized daycares are "usines" factory outlets. There's no time or need for innovation or free thinking because, you know, it's "free shit."

Anyway. The idea that ONE civil servant can impose a school philosophy and expect meaningful results is about as dumb as the typewriter companies suing computer keyboards.

Innovate or step out of the way - or have the decency to not condescend (as revealed in the article by another public official) towards the people.

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