George Washington University Should Rethink Its Position

What do you get for not controlling your anger, spewing off anti-gay remarks, behave like a pompous ass on airlines, assault your wife, verbally abuse people, and intimidating little girls?

Why, in progressive la-la land, you get an honorary doctorate.

At least this is what George Washington University is considering for one Alec fricken Baldwin.

I have a gigantic fucking problem with this and it's time we stop shrugging our shoulders whenever we see something like this. I earned my university degree the old fashioned way: by studying. During that process, I learned to think critically and research and so I look for stuff like that when I read or listen to other people's work.

What in the name of George Washington has Baldwin ever written or said or contributed to the intellectual discourse to even remotely be considered a candidate?

This has nothing to do with whether Baldwin is really a "great guy" in private. It has everything to do with whether the intellectual community accepts him as an equal.

I sure as hell don't.

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