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Oh, look. Fraud with Obamaphones.

/feigns surprised look.


Oh, look. Older aides on the Hill shocked by health insurance costs. 

/feigns surprised look.

I think the people who warned about all this will enjoy their Schadenfreude moment.


I detected something in the bull shit meter today. It's what I do. Callers on a talk show, commenters on threads and political pundits alike (mostly liberals) all howl that it's 'unfathomable' that the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper "didn't know" what was going on with his Senators and their spending habits- a 'wink, wink' practice by the way that's been around for ages. I guess they have some point given Harper's tight control of his party and government but still, it's hard to keep track of what over 100 people in the PMO are up to.

Yet, they reject whenever someone asserts A) Obama lacks transparency and B) it's unacceptable to use the 'I didn't know' excuse as he's done with Benghazi, IRS and now the Obamacare roll out.

It suddenly becomes 'he's doing his best' and 'it's GOP obstructionism' and 'he inherited a mess' in defending the President.

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