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I will post about Jean-Francois Lisee and Bernard Drainville's ignorantly comparing their gibberish to Thomas Jefferson. Crackpots around the world have always made claims to holding a kindred spirit with the Founding Fathers. So I guess it's par for the course for Americans who may have come across the letter in the New York Times.

It baffles me how parochial these people really are. Thankfully, not all Quebecers are buying it including Le Devoir. Some sanity restored.

How can anyone - let alone Frick and Frack - square the policies and rhetoric of the Parti Quebecois with the classical liberal philosophy of the Founding Fathers of the United States?

For example, it is intellectually impossible to find any similarities between the language laws of this province - which FUNDAMENTALLY and LEGALLY prevents freedom of choice and freedom of expression - with the Bill of Rights.

At this point, I really don't care what flunkies and apologists of the PQ think or how they reason (if you can call it that) or spin their regressions to be made to look like it's rational and for the common good.

It's good for ONE side of the coin: Their own.

And therein lies the final conclusive piece of proof we need. It's more tyranny of the majority that prevails and less any resemblance to the American Constitution.

The laws here simply DO NOT exist in the USA. Nothing on the level of the OLF exists in Western culture. Nothing. Fear of assimilation is not an excuse to engage in punitive measures - however benign - against minorities. Bill 14, 101, 22 - all anti-civil liberties bills. Nothing more, nothing less.

When you have journalists advocating PUBLICLY that a person who has an English name shouldn't be allowed to have a sign in their own name - ie Davis's Cafe - you know you have a morally and intellectually defunct society in dire need of a real intellectual revolution on some level - A second Quiet Revolution of sorts. As I've said, Quebec resembles more the American south circa 1949 than it does Jeffersonian.

The Lisee's of this world must be challenged at every turn.

Quebec's intellectual classes are inferior - not equal - to the American version.

Ramble On!

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