Another Take On Iran

Interesting alternate take on Iran's nuclear deal.

From Atomic Insights.

"...Iran, with its 70 million citizens demanding better living conditions, burns the equivalent of about a million barrels of oil per day in the form of internationally valuable hydrocarbons (oil and methane) to supply domestic electricity. If it continues to add to its nuclear energy capacity, it will free up supplies that it can sell in the world market. That increased supply will inevitably lead to lower prices as a result of the well understood relationship between supply and demand.

If Iran does not build its domestic nuclear energy capability, growth in domestic oil and gas demand might eventually result in it not being able to export any oil at all. There are good historical reasons why Iranian leaders believe that their country must have domestic nuclear fuel capability; the international market has not been a reliable supplier of any important products to Iran over the years."

On the other hand, someone pointed out why does Iran want nuclear options when it's sitting on so much oil? Nonetheless, I've come to realize it is quite rational for Iran to develop its nuclear facilities with its eroding oil infrastructure. It is a valid question, why should Israel, USA and by extension other countries like India, Pakistan, France etc. have the right to go nuclear but not other nations? I understand the whole 'death to America and Jews' angle (which is serious enough) but is it the international communities right to deny it? Not so sure.



Still laughing at Jean Francois Lisee.

/pounds table.

"And for tonight's first act, Jean Francois Lisee!"

"Whoa, hey, hi there! Good crowd, good crowd. So, let's see here. Oh, my government just recently penned a revolutionary Charter that we feel matches anything the Americans put together. Dare I say, it's even greater than the Magna Carter! I know, I know. Hold your applause. It wasn't easy, what, with all that irrational and emotional Anglo nonsense but we Pequistes are a reasonable and strong bunch.

"Is there a joke in there?"

"I'm getting to it. I really need to ban English in public spaces. Anyway. We Quebecers need to defend the sanctity of secularism and with those scary Islamist we're all doing you a favor in doing the dirty work. It's a wonderfully crafted balanced Charter if I may say so myself."

"Boo! Where's the Vaudeville cain!"

"Chalice. Fine. What does a cannibal do after dumping his girlfriend?


"Wipes his butt."

"Boo! Hiss."

"Is that a way to treat me! I'm Jean Francois Jefferson!" 

Club manager: "Hit the red button. NOW!"

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