Quote Of The Night

"It's easy to view the opposition in Congress as a bunch of heartless, obstinate people who care about nothing more than their own careers, and, in our frustration, we zero in on certain well-known personalities, like Representative Ryan and Senator McCain. But legislators like those two and others in the opposition are merely public faces of real political power: an almost invisible phalanx of wealthy donors that is even more impervious to liberal outrage than the most defiant legislators. Those donors constitute a nebulous and nefarious force in American politics more powerful than any rational argument for resolving major problems, any appeal for compassion and decency, and any attempt to throttle their influence. Ironically, they have the uncanny ability to sugar-coat their messages in such a way that the average voter will swallow them. And they don't quit. If they lose on an issue or an election, they just redouble funding for the next round."


/drops cigarette from lips.

I guess I'm just a rube because that was pulled from the New York Times.


I lied.

A friend sent me that comment since I stopped reading the Times around the time they acted like a bunch of depraved unprofessional hacks during the Duke lacrosse scandal.

Assholes. The Times that is. Imagine being part of a process that ruined innocent lives.

And Fox is crazy.


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