Australian Pride Restored

What is it with the left and propping up kids to further various agendas like climate change and gun control? Sounds as though it's not restricted to the Obama administration who use sock puppets like they're permanently fitted to their political hands.

These climate change conferences have truly become redundant if not comical.

As predicted here. 

All for bella figura.

According to Gore's math - carry the one, multiply by 0 - back in 2005 or something we didn't have much time left to act.


/looks at watch.

Looks like Harper, for all the crap he took for wisely ignoring such conferences, did Canada a favor. If the world's mightiest economies and polluters won't budge, there's not much countries like Australia and Canada can do. That and the fact this PM called BS on the whole thing and decided to focus on, I don't know, writing hockey history books which is probably more productive anyway.

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