A Lazy Mind

I keep hearing about how the 'liberal media' keeps giving Obama a free pass but from where I sit, outside of a few MSMers like NYT, MSNBC, Boston Globe, NBC, mainstream outlets like The Washington Post have been able to maintain some of its dignity and publish highly critical opinions of the President.

Like this one by Ed Rogers.


Of course Obama is ideological. That much is pretty darn clear to those of of us who stayed away from the Kool-Aid table.

One part of the article that caught my attention was Valerie Jarrett saying 'Obama has been bored all his life.' Too cool and smart for life looks like.

I take it differently.

It's proof of an indifferent, lazy, mediocre disposition and intellectual mind.

But that's me.

I listen to Obama and I don't hear a leader with an inspired message.

I hear empty, vapid, predictable, divisive rhetoric.

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