Freedom Of Choice Means People Make Bad Choices - Live With It

Since you've all lost your sense of personal dignity (whoa!) let's keep to the basics.

The fact that junk food is bad food you or that it can possibly cause all sorts of diseases, is a reality most, even all, people understand. Even idiots know a bag of Ringolos is bad for you.

But in the halls of public debate the point is NO ONE has the right to inhibit you let alone legislate against people who freely make such choices.

That's the point.

Am I saying turn your back and not try and influence people through simple education? No. By all means. Try. Everyone needs to come our of their shadows of ignorance from time to time. 

However, if you say, "that's true but...therefore I support coercive public policy to force people to make the right choices because (insert whatever bull shit reason here)..."

You've lost the argument and point.

You're a nanny.


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