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Retarded comment of the day:

"The middle class is being beaten up by corporate greed, not by taxes, and not by the needy. Gross income disparity was created by corporate welfare, not by health reform. You can continue believing the lie that government is the problem, or you could open your eyes and find that being a functioning, contributing member of a caring society is a good feeling."

It's from a Krugman comments thread.

For the life of me, I don't know how anyone can continue to think this (Marxist-Unicorn) crap. And what does 'corporate greed' even mean? 


I'm not holding punches anymore.

Someone takes a stab at a response:

"Corporate greed means you are in business to make money. In other words, the entire basis for an advanced, wealthy society such as we have.

And if the greed enabled by corporate welfare is the problem, wouldn't that mean that the government IS in fact the problem?

It's amazing how close these people can get to seeing what the problem (or one of them) is and yet still completely dismiss the huge role the government plays in all of it."

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