Who Will Speak For Freedom Of Expression In The United Kingdom Of Great Britain?

You do realize we're not on a good trajectory in the West, right?

This is not good what is happening in the UK.

Not good at all if you care about liberty.

For a society that likes to babble about 'history repeating itself' we sure know how to ignore the clues and patterns unfolding before our eyes and

And oh, in keeping with the facts of history. I have no problem with placing the blame squarely on progressives and the left.

It's their outlook - which often end up in policy - that has wrecked our common sense and how we value freedom of all sorts. The left are always calling for the intervention of the state on way too many issues.

Ever since the rise of progressivism we've seen a slow erosion of our Enlightenment heritage. 

It seems we've lost our bearings and intellectual compass when it comes to liberty. As it stands, what we have is a depraved and deformed predisposition to tolerate restricting speech and expression for people we don't agree with.



If you think this way then you're a tyrant. There's no in-between. No grey area.

Closer to home, if you believe, for example, that suppressing one's language rights to another, then you're a tyrant. You abdicate your right to consider yourself a person who believes in the rights of man.

Simple as that.

I think we need this kind of reminder. Notably, you can't negotiate, or balance the rights of people. Either you have liberty or you don't.

I posit we are no longer free in the West.

We are 'free' in a nominal sense.

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