Key Words: Preventative And Preemptive

In today's unhealthy social and fearful climate the words preventative and preemptive are used to justify all sorts of laws and policies that in the end do little it purports to solve or help. Just about the only thing it achieves is to inefficiently increase taxes on some level and erode personal choice and freedoms.

Prior to the invasion of Iraq in 2003 pundits and citizens alike discussed the doctrine of preemptive war espoused by neo-conservatives in the Bush administration. The left (as well as libertarians) were concerned about such a position.

Preemptive war as a concept was nothing new in history finding examples as far back as Ancient Greece.

That being said, we see what a preemptive doctrine (India and Israel take a preemptive stance) can lead too. Moreover, preventative measures such as the Patriot Act have also come at a price.  No-fly lists, TSA security, NSA spying etc.

That's on the national security front.

What about elsewhere?

Food, guns, abductions, climate change, all face policies designed to be preventative despite statistics making clear it's unnecessary.

And let's not kid ourselves. Politicians know statistics don't favor them. That's why they use 'preventative' language to sell a policy. They appeal to our emotions as well as our now natural state of accepting authority. It's absolutely mind-blowing how readily we accept their appeals at face value.

Indeed, if you could prevent just one injury; one death isn't it worth it?

That's the hook. That's where they play on your emotions.

Duh. Of course if you could, you would.

That's beside the point.

The question is, how much are you willing to pay through loss of choice or liberty for such a decision?

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