Plastic Bag Ban Coming

It was a matter of time before Montreal was going to jump on the silly plastic bag ban as opposed to leaving it alone by charging people (like me) a nickel to use them.

But noooo. As usual, I get screwed over by a hideous one-size fits all system.

The city will begin public hearings on the matter but I think the writing is on the wall. They've made up their minds.

I refuse to use those insipid bags. Know why? Because it means I implicitly agree with the action. I should be given an option - A CHOICE. But to our superiors I'm not worthy of it.

Plastic bags are fine. They pose no threat to us as a species or nature. Do you really fucking think a plastic bag ban will be productive or lead to the desired outcome? Mother Nature pisses on man's folly.

All we're going to achieve is what usually happens whenever busybodies use coercive action: Loss of choice.

Already as it is I limit the amount of booze I buy because the liquor commission no longer have bags so I buy two bottles max because I have to walk out of the store like a hobo with them in my hands.

This is progress to these idiots.

Now I must confront the prospect of going to the grocery store with no plastic bags.

Can you tell I've lost my patience with the arrogance and folly of my fellow humans?

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