Quote Of The Day: Privilege In Perspective

"Funny thing, when I grew up I thought we were poor, and had a "hard" life. Looking back though I realize I was privileged just to have both parents that gave a shit about my education, and still send me money to help pay for stuff. And even though I didn't go to a rich school, I still had teachers that could work closely with students, and we had a library, a computer lab, a laptop cart, and even AP classes, and other stuff. Not to mention I can walk by a cop and not be afraid that I'm going to get stopped, or get on a bus and be left a lone and not be told "you'd look prettier with a smile". And I can hold my girlfriends hand in public and be left alone. The only thing really hard in my life was learning to realize that I didn't have that bad of a life, and maybe, just maybe, I had a little extra help because of things I had no control over."

He's a winner.

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