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Quebec is one of those places that loves to put on its environmental Gaia hat enamored with green initiatives. For example, by encouraging people take their bikes on bicycle paths. Bike paths filled with, just saying,  hipster lumbersexuals and metrosexuals. It's a freak show. Not to mention idiot cyclists who don't keep right posing a danger to themselves as well as others while others weave in and out of lanes at high speeds as if they're on the UCI pro-tour. The shit I see on bike paths is astounding.

As I've railed and ranted about in the past, we remain an impolite civil society. Maybe I'm a tight wad but to me it seems like a contradiction this wanting to be Scandinavian green and Quebecois red (as in impatient).
Where am I going with this?

Every morning I walk my kid to school and as we approach we have to cross a street to get to that marvel of public education. At the cross walk there's a school brigadier stopping traffic to make sure drivers don't go through - because stop signs are not enough here. Yet, on back to back days I've seen people ignore the brigadier.

It's outrageous as it is surreal.

One was a mother who sailed right through having just bunny-hopped the stop sign. The other was, and this is a new habit I'm noticing among drivers, a man inching slowly coasting and sailing through the stop as he approaches the pedestrians. So what you get, to paint a picture in your mind, is a car bumper practically up your ass.

These assholes don't seem to understand the concept of COMPLETE STOP AT A SCHOOL CROSSWALK. 

It's amazing really.

Quebec can try and be all green it wants, but if its civil politesse remains impatient and immature, it's all an illusion if you ask me.


Yesterday on my way to school I observed my neighbor's garbage bin had a loose diaper on top of it. It must have been on the street and someone - perhaps performing a civic duty - placed it there. Or maybe it was my neighbour which wouldn't surprise me given his aloof and bizarre concept of what constitutes maintaining a neat home and yard. I say it may have been a passer by since my neighbor's kids (which one of them constantly cuts across my front yard to get home) are in their mid-teens and probably don't use diapers anymore.

Just a guess on my part.

Either way who fucken cares, all I know is there was a diaper on the bin.

Fast forward (FF as we say in the industry) to this morning. The bin is gone but the diaper remains on the ground laying there betwixt his driveway and the street on the sidewalk.

I thought to myself the guy can't even be bothered to pick up a lousy diaper. He probably thinks it's the city's problem.


Civic responsibility? What's that?

Meanwhile, me, my neighbor to my left, front and diagonal right are constantly and vigilantly keeping watch in front of our properties. No one tops the guy diagonal to my house. I've never quite saw a man so dedicated to his home. He sweeps street in front of his house.


Curious to see what happens to the diaper.

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